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Hi everyone!!!!! 

I'm 6 months old now. I don't feel any different but I thought I saw a gray hair the other day. I started to panic a little but then I realized that it was a white hair from Bandit that landed on my head. I love Bandit. He sings to me a lot and he has one blue eye and one brown eye.   

Aunti Em was over to see me the other day. She just got back from Okinawa (Is that how you spell it). I missed her when she was gone but she said she was going to hang out with me more now that she is here for a while.



Mommy and Daddy bought me a Mini Cooper for for my birthday and man it is the greatest thing I ever saw. I drove about a million miles today. and didn't have to stop for gas once. Thank goodness. Today the gas was $3.87 a gallon at the Wawa near Bobci's house.

I took my friend for a ride and everyone started laughing and said "Look Mickey and Mini and Keaton"

I don't get it do you? I went to see the Phillies last night with my Mom and Dad.


I've been to 3 games already and they have won every time. I must be like a good luck charm or something. Huh?

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. A guy at the ball game thought I was so cute he wanted to draw my picture. Daddy thought it was really fun with the Phanatic in the picture too so he gave the guy some money.

        I know I have gotten some complaints that there are no new pictures and I'm already 7 months old but this time its not my fault. Mommy's computer has major issues. It's an HP and doesn't want to find the network and it locks up a lot. She slammed it against the wall the other day. Daddy has a Mac Book that is real nice but he doesn't have any web editing software and my fingers are so little that for me to enter all the HTML code by hand would take forever. So that leaves POP POP. I was using his computer but he complains terribly that I mess up his windows. He is such a baby sometimes I don't even like using it but I don't have one of my own. It really makes me want to cry. Anybody that thinks I should have my own computer send an email to Mommy or Daddy . If you think I shouldn't have my own computer send an email to me at and I'll delete it UGH I mean forward it.

I went to the beach the other day. Check out my new sunglasses.

Daddy took me on the swings at Earl Owens park. Man was that fun. I spread the word and I think Bobci is going to put one in her yard for me.











Summer sure is fun! I even get to ride on Mommy's shoulders sometimes. Why is she screaming. OOOPS! I thought they were handlebars. Now who's having a bad hair day?


Well guess what.

Right after I put this picture on the website Pop-Pop got sick and had to go in the hospital for something. I went to see him and he didn't look bad but he had a ridiculous gown on that showed his butt when he walked around. I'm glad I didn't see that. I'm way too young to have to go to therapy. Since I always sit on Pop-Pop's lap to update my website no updates have been done since July 31st. He's back now and I'm working on some good stuff. Just wait and see.


I caught a cold right after that and really felt terrible. I just laid in bed and drank a lot of fluids.                 



The summer has really gone by quickly. I've been hanging with Dad and Mom a lot. We're good at just hangin. Sometimes we just sit on the front porch and talk. Mostly about the Phillies and stuff.


Daddy said he would take me to some more Phillies games so I hope I can keep my record going. I'm 3 and 1 now!

On August 5 I stood up alone in my crib. Mommy was really surprised but it was no big deal...Really! I can't wait to climb out of this thing. My Mom could do it when she was a year old so I'm trying to beat her record.


I almost have a tooth now so Mommy said I have to start brushing it.

This is fun!






It's August 26th and tomorrow I will be 9 months old so don't forget to go to the right page when you come to visit.

I check my email and my autograph book every day and I never seems to have any new messages. Pop-Pop says that it's because everyone is so busy making a living they don't have time to write or sign my book anymore. I hope he's right because sometimes it feels like no one loves me. Please sign my book and tell me about your summer or even send me a picture of yourself to add.