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Hi everyone!!!!!  I was born today.

November 27, 2007

I was 6 lbs. 3 oz. and 19 inches when Mommy made me leave my nice warm spot in her belly.

She kind of made a mess and Daddy had to clean me up and was doing something with my belly button. I hope he doesn't cut me with that scissors.

When Daddy was done they put me in a French Fry warmer and man was that nice. I was just starting to get a tan when they grabbed me and put a sock on my head and wrapped me in a blanket and started passing me around. That wasn't too bad because I really liked my grandparents a lot.

They all looked at me like they had never seen me before. It sure made me feel good to be loved soooooo much and I didn't even do anything yet. I guess it only gets better.

I just wish they would dress me. Not only am I cold but it's embarrassing laying here like this!


Even Gary came to visit and grabbed me right up. Finally my grandparents let me go and I got to spend some time with Mom and Dad


I came home from the hospital today but they wouldn't let me go until I posed for more pictures.

and more pictures

and more pictures


                                 I sure am glad that's over.


 I'm in my car seat so I'll see you shortly from home.


Whoa!!! wait until you see the big bird on my lawn and my birthday cake.

See!!! I told you it was huge and it's got my name on it. Guess what. Babci pronounced "bob chi" (That's Polish for grand mom) and Pop Pop (That's Italian for Pop Pop) brought me a Birth Day Cake. It was so cool and everybody sang to me Yeahhh!!!!!

This is my Birth day bag.

Happy to me!!!!!!







Grand Dad and Nonna came over today and brought me some really nice stuff and the  coolest Phillies pants and shirts I ever saw. Daddy really liked them a lot and Mommy even thought they were cool. (She's not a big Phillies fan but Daddy makes up for it because he is crazy about them.)




All three of us Rogers guys posed for a picture but I was so tired from being born that I just couldn't stay awake. I really tried but it was no use.




It's Saturday December 1st and I am finally getting some rest today and I think Mommy and Daddy are too. Mommy and I really enjoy our quiet time.








Mommy is  having a hard time getting comfortable sitting on the dinning room chairs and I heard her say it was my fault.

What did I do to make her sore?

I guess she meant it was Daddy's fault. Don't you think?





It's Sunday and we had some company today. I didn't really know them at first but we got acquainted really fast.


Everybody kind of passes me around but I don't mind because they all seem nice.





My Aunt Emily drove all the way up from Maryland to visit me today. We had a lot of fun.





I posed for some pictures today and I got a bit tired but I'll post them anyway because daddy thinks I look cool in them. Don't laugh! Pop Pop has the same problem staying awake as I do. Me and him took a nap in the van while Mommy and Mom Mom went into Target. He falls asleep faster than me and makes popping noises with his lips. I'm glad I don't do that. Oh! wait, maybe I do. Oh Well.





Well it sure has been a while since I updated my website. There is so much

happening that me and Pop Pop have really been overwhelmed. He told me that a big man named Santa Claus will be coming soon to bring me some toys and stuff. It sounds pretty cool cause I don't even have to do anything except be good for Mommy and Daddy. That's pretty easy so I should get a lot.



That black thing stuck to my belly button finally came off. It was disgusting but I think Daddy said he was going to keep it. I don't know what for.


Guess What!  I gained a little weight and I'm now over 7 pounds.


Oh MYYYY goodness...................................Mommy made me put on a Santa Hat and pose for her while she took my picture.

It really wasn't too bad but I did start to get tired and I get cranky when I get tired.












Mommy is always taking my picture but we have had some technical problems publishing them to the internet so check back often because when I get them I will post them right away. If anyone has taken any photos of me that they would like on my site please email them to me. I was thinking of having a family and friends page.


Well! today I had my first bath and I can't say I enjoyed it. I think if Mommy had explained it better it might have helped but I really wasn't expecting this!!!!!!!!

Nobody told me I would have to be naked... It's just not right....and I think Mommy and Daddy were enjoying it.

They were actually laughing and instead of saving me Pop Pop and Babchi were taking pictures.


I'll get her attention. I'll bite her until she takes me out of this water






That's better! 

Now I get to snuggle with Daddy.

If he could just stay awake when I'm talking to him.



I heard Mommy say she was going to give me another bath sometime so I'm going to show her.




Happy Birthday to Me. I'm a month old today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Just look how much I've grown. That bear was bigger than me last month.

















Whoa!!!!!  Mommy and Heidi (she's the cute photographer lady) took a bunch of shots and I just got one sample so far but I'll have more soon so check back.


I'm going to publish some really big pictures as soon as I figure it out. Then you can print them in real high quality. I know everyone wants pictures of me cause I'm so cute. I didn't make that up either. Complete strangers keep walking up to Mommy to tell her how beautiful I am. It's embarrassing!

Man I'm going to get a big head. Well! Daddy's head is huge so I probably will anyway.

Seriously, did ever notice the size of his head. It like a size 9 or 10 or something.

Just look it's bigger than Mommy's head and me put together.

I saw a guy named Yoda do this one. Do you like it?








All this posing has made me hungry. Mommy said I had to wait but I saw what I was looking for.









I love Mommy!





DUDE !  Huh?


It's really cold outside and Mommy keeps wrapping me up and buckling me in my car seat and going for rides. Sometimes I look around at the site but there is something about the car seat that makes my eyes sooooo heavy that I can't keep them open and the next thing I know she is carrying me around. That's fun too.


I had a really bad day today Wednesday February 13, 2008. I wasn't feeling too well and Mommy thought I was acting funny so she took me to the Doctor. Well the doctor didn't like the way my eyes hurt when she shined a light in them (duh!!) so she made us go to a place called the hospital to check me out. After waiting forever Mom brought a bottle and Mommy fed me, Man was I hungry! Then a really nice Doctor named Darcy checked me everywhere (and I mean everywhere) and thought I looked good. Well I thought she looked good too. She was had pretty blond hair, blue eyes and warm hands.


The best part was that Daddy came home from work early to see me so we got to hang out a little. Oh yeah! Then we went to Mom Mom's for Fajitas. I can't wait to try some of that stuff instead of this crumby formula and prune juice. Yeah prune juice.

It's a long story. Call Mommy and she'll tell you about the prune juice.


Hey Mommy took me shopping for clothes and I got some new stuff. Guess what color!

Check out the lines on the bottom of my foot. They keep me from slipping. Well they would if I could walk. Cool Huh?














I decided that when I turn 3 months old (February 27 in case anyone wants to buy me a present and come to visit) that I will start a new page to my website so it won't take a year to scroll to the bottom. 


Oh by the way I can hold my head up now and roll over from my belly to my back. I know---I'm cool











          More pictures of me so check back everyday.





(PS - All the pictures in the delivery room were taken by a really cute lady that Mommy called Heidi.... She is a great photographer. Anyone that might want to contact her can send me an email )


OOOH I almost forgot. Please sign my autograph book and please note:


 It's ok to sign more than once. It really makes Mommy and Daddy smile when they read them.




Click my typing computer to sign my book





                                   To read my book??