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Hi Everyone!!

I'm Back

( Well sort of )

I went to a farm today with Mommy

It's been a horrible 3 months.

On Sunday March 1 at 7AM just the like the Japanese did at  Pearl Harbor a hacker breached a shared IP and implanted a bomb that deleted every file named index.html so my site went down and I didn't have a backup.


This Billy Goat was a Bully!

I was able to recoup some of my pages so here are the links and I'll keep trying to get more.  I have told Pop-Pop a million times to make redundant backups just in case of this kind of thing but NOOOOOO! no  one wants to listen to a 2 year old.



11/27/2007 to 2/26/2008


2/27/2008 to 5/26/2008


5/27/2008 to 8/26/2008


8/27/2008 to 11/26/2008



My second Year Collage

( under construction )


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